The End Has Come

When I saw I had to take the class Sport marketing, I was very excited for this class. I knew it was going to be very interesting. It was interesting to see how to use a SWOT analysis when talking about a sport organization. When it came to sport organizations I never thought about the strengths and weaknesses so this was a great way to learn. The most important thing I learned in this class was to think out of the box. When it comes to marketing a sport organization you should think out of the box to get the fans attention. This will also make them want your products which is a huge factor.

When our team was creating our power point for class it hit me when we talked about product segmentation. All we have as a baseball team is games and apparel. This is a hard way to sell your product to fans when you don’t have much to sell. I’ve heard of product segmentation before but in this class, was the first time I had to actually use it. This is what is great about this class, it helps you use these terms and that’s the best way to learn something.

Before I took this class I never even thought of fan engagement. I didn’t realize how big and important fan engagement is to sell your product. A great way to have fan engagement is through social media. Social media plays a huge role through marketing for your team. You can show your schedule, jerseys, fields, equipment, and much more. This connects with the fans and lets them feel a part of the team.

I never realized how important promotion ideas played a factor for sport organizations. This is a huge reason that teams have fans and people follow them. I learned you could have events for kids before and after games and that would help bring fans to the games. It builds relationships with the fans which is a huge factor. Advertising your sport organization is very important to help get your name out there. Public relations are also an important factor when it comes to promotion ideas. This helps you with fan engagement, fan base, community, and much more.

Finally, I learned how to look at sports in a different view. This was very interesting to see it in another view. I’ve always have been the one that was playing the sports so I never thought how much other stuff that goes on during a game. I can’t wait to go watch Baltimore Orioles play this summer so I can relate to this class when I’m in their stadium and seeing their ideas. This class helped me get ready for the real world, the fun games and playing is almost over in my career. This class helped me see the things behind the scenes and really they are the most important.

Greg Smith

Jerseys Win Championships

When it comes to the Oregon Ducks, everyone’s first thought is the jerseys. The brand of the Ducks is their many variety of jerseys. They put them out on social media everywhere so their fans can see them. Recently, they had a vote on twitter asking fans which jersey is their favorite. I thought it was cool seeing them connect with fans and getting their thoughts on the jerseys. They use this strategy to help recruit athletes all over the nation. This is a huge factor when it comes down to getting an athlete to decide on where they want to go for their future. What athlete wouldn’t want all the jerseys and how awesome they look?

One of the biggest reasons why Oregon has the best uniforms and sport facilities in the nation is because of a former student that attended Oregon University. Phil Knight is the founder of NIKE and graduated from Oregon. So, he has a special connection with them and donates them tons of money. All the new sport facilities on campus is because of Phil Knight. He is also the reason for so many jerseys. This was interesting to learn about. I never knew the founder of NIKE went to Oregon. It’s also great to see an Alumni support his old school. This means the biggest sport apparel company is backing them up so that explains why they have so many jerseys.

Oregon’s most popular sport organization is their Football team. Over the last 15 years they have made most success over all the teams. But here recently the basketball team has stepped up big time. This past season the basketball team made it to the Final Four which is a really big deal. They were one win away from playing in the championship. But, when you turned on the game you knew who was playing. Their neon jerseys were very bright and caught everyone’s attention. They no doubt had the best uniforms than any other team in the NCAA Tournament. This was a big step for the Oregon Ducks because in the past the only sport organization that has had success was the football team. This shows they can have success in more than just one sport.

Finally, as you can tell there is a lot of reasons why Oregon has success with their Sport organizations. They have NIKE in their corner and donating a lot of money for them. When I think of the Oregon Ducks this saying comes to my mind. “If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good.” So, is this the reason why the Oregon Ducks always plays good? It’s a huge question that not too many people have the answer too. But, I think it shows that the Ducks sell their brand better than anyone else in the country and that’s why they’ve had success.

Greg Smith

Interesting Ideas

When I looked up Shepard University baseball account it was interesting to see how they run their social media accounts. You can tell that they put a lot of hard work into them. I was shocked how they talk about their future recruits that they signed. They talk about how excited they are to have them join their team. I liked that they show that much excitement for their players. After every game, they do a post-game report about the game. You can tell they have someone that just talks about the games because they do a good job. That is what is wrong with small schools like us. We can’t hire as many people as these D1 colleges. It would be so much easier and better if you could hire someone just for twitter, Instagram, and post-game reports.

One thing about Shepard baseball is they have had a lot of success and in the last 6 years so they have tons of fans at their games. When we played, them they were having post-game autographs for young kids that were at the game. Just something that little can get more people at their games and they also posted it on their social media accounts to get the word out to people. This is what more teams in our conference needs to do so we can get more people to the games. You can tell some teams in our conference don’t care about having fans at games but it’s a proven fact it can be a game changer when the stands our full.

One thing they could improve on with their social media accounts would be putting more pictures on them. Most of their tweets are words and after a while it starts to get boring reading them. If they would put more pictures on their it would be more interesting to look at. Another thing they could do is take pictures of their field and put on their social media sites. They have a nice field and it would probably help them with recruiting players and having more people come to the game. But, other than those two things they run their social media accounts very well. They get people excited to come to games and that’s why they have so many people at their games. It makes it more exciting to play when you look up in the stands and see a lot of people sitting their cheering you on. It makes you want to play even better and helps your team have home field advantage.

Finally, it was very interesting to look at another teams account to see how they run things. It makes you gain ideas from them and something we could start to do to help people come to the games. Overall, it’s all about winning and if more people at the games help you win then you must do something to get people there.

Greg Smith

The Importance of Sponsors

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most historic franchises in the game of sports. Last year they were ranked the most valuable sport franchise in the world. So, who wouldn’t want to be their sponsor. During this season, they led the whole NFL in the most watched games by fans. This is a great reason why they are called “America’s Team”. So, if you oversaw a business wouldn’t it be a great idea to partner up with the Cowboys? The Cowboys have eight home games every year which means that your product would be shown at every home game. The Cowboys stadium holds up to 100,000 people at every home game. This helps their sponsors a lot when it comes to getting their name out there.

The Dallas Cowboys sponsors Miller Lite beer company. This is a huge sponsor to have and they both have a relationship to help each other. The main beer sold at the stadium is Miller Lite which helps the beer company when there is 100,000 people sitting in the stands. They also have a huge sign in the stadium that helps get their name out there with the people in the stadium but also millions of fans watching the game through the TV. Miller Lite helps the Cowboys by giving them discounted prices and other small things. As a Cowboy fan, when I think of Miller Lite I think of the Cowboys and this is the same throughout the world. Miller Lite also pays for commercials with Cowboys gear, fans, and other item shown during the commercial.

The biggest sponsor the Cowboys have is AT&T. This is because their huge stadium is named AT&T stadium. They both have a very close relationship that helps each other out. If your favorite team is partners with a cell phone company that makes you want to be with that company. This is a huge factor that AT&T believes in helping their company grow. Every home game the announcer says “welcome to AT&T stadium” that is putting their name out there to millions of people watching this one event. The Cowboys get a name for their huge stadium while AT&T gets their name out there every time there is a home game.

Finally, as you can tell this is just two companies that the cowboys have for sponsors. The relationships are very close and they are all about helping each other. Without sponsors, there would be no football on Sundays because everything would just be too expensive. But, it also comes down to the football team helping the company get their name out there by naming their stadium after them, signs, billboards and much more. All of this is behind the scenes stuff that no one looks at but what they don’t realize is that sponsors are one of the biggest reasons for why sports are so big today.









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by Greg Smith

The Senses of a Brand

I had never really considered the five senses of human beings to play a role in the way they view a brand. Certain brands embody certain senses in order to sell their products. A good percentage of car companies use smell as a key target to sell a brand new car. I think it is safe to say that everyone loves a good car smell. According to Evan Brown, many companies are “jumping on the bandwagon to adapt this branding secret” (Brown 2016). Science has proven that a beneficial smell in a store can send positive thoughts to those shopping and they eventually want to buy certain products; feminine smells (like vanilla and flowers) often push women into buying products in that store just like more masculine smells make men want to buy more. Specifically though, feminine smells often turns off men from making purchases, just as masculine smells do women.

Another important sense is hearing and one thing Brown discusses is how companies often use “memory” of sounds to help sell their products such as the “crunch of cereal” or the “startup noise of a Macbook” (Brown 2016). Sound is important in offering “physical arousal of the mind” and gives a shopper peace of mind as they make purchases. Another interesting point was that shoppers often make more impulsive purchases when the music around them is loud (Brown 2016). Brown also analyzes how brands use sight as an important player in selling. Colors, types, fonts, and other use of visual images are important. Brown talks about how certain signature brands such as Coca-Cola never really stray from their brands colors and fonts. They are always recognizable and so the customer is always confident in their purchase. Other brands, even though a symbol may stay the same, alter their visuals to connect to the viewer. Nike, for example has never changed the Nike sign, but their commercials and advertisements are always becoming more visual and eye-catching.

Also, Brown talks about taste. Many brands that are well-known for taste, like Oreo and Coca-Cola, have used their taste in order to send messages to their buyers. It allows these great brands to become attractive to all people of all races and ages. Taste is key for so many big companies and really, it’s the only reason their brand is as important as it is. Finally, there is touch. Brown talks about how famous companies like Hershey’s and Johnson’s always keep their same “touch” in order to stimulate a certain comfort in an individual. Hershey’s aluminum foil wrapper always offers the buyer the same pleasure when they open it, or Johnson’s bottles always feel soft to remind the buyer they will have soft skin. All in all, the five human senses are important targets for the both the brand and the buyer. All can offer a more pleasurable experience for the buyer and in turn skyrocket sales.

Marketing Mayhem

Marketing your product is the most important part of getting your name out there and making people want your product. In this video, you can tell that the Bucks market their young talented players on their roster. They also have a rich history and some great players that are now in the Hall of Fame. One of the major parts for the Bucks is their ticket sales. This is why they market their young great players so people will buy tickets to come watch them play. Since they are young it also gets fans excited for the future since they will be on the team for many years to come.

Selling sponsorships is another great way that the Bucks promote their products. Some of their corporate sponsors are Time Warner Cable, Frist Edge Solutions, and Badger Mutual. But, they have many more. These companies buy multiple tickets throughout the stadium for their company to come and watch the games. This really helps the Bucks sell tickets and helps them gain more fans.

He stresses in this video that being on the business side of things when it comes to sports can be very hard. They can’t control how their team plays and how well they do. That’s not their jobs, they can only sell people on what they have and it can be difficult. A couple years ago they had the worst record in the NBA. Can you imagine how hard that was to keep fans interested and keep them coming to games? This makes it very hard on the business side of things. Who wants to come and buy products, tickets, and more for a team that is not good? Really the only thing you could do is try to get the fans to be excited for the future and where the organization is going. You have to gain their trust, so they believe your organization will turn it around.

West Virginia Wesleyan is a very small college and all of the sports get hardly any money at all. So it’s really hard to get fans to come and support you. Even if a sport has done really well, they still don’t get the support from the students or faculty members. I’ve thought of a couple ideas that maybe could help get our sports going into the right direction. First, if a team is really excited about a certain player they just signed to come to this school, they should post on social media about this player and give fans a background about this athlete. This would help fans learn more about our athletes and help them connect with them. It will still be hard getting everyone’s attention on something like this but you could still get a certain amount. The other thing I think could help sport teams get more fans to the game is to do giveaways at their games. For example, the baseball team could give a hat away during the break in between innings. I think fun stuff like this would help bring students to athletic events.

Importance of Advertisements

Have you ever turned on your TV and not seen an advertisement? They are everywhere, almost every commercial is advertising movies, sport organizations, restaurants, brands, and more. The media is very influential because people are constantly watching TV. Advertisements are shown just as much as a show or movie anymore and they can really affect what people like and purchase. Segmentation is a very important factor for sport organizations because it allows them to break down their consumers based on wants and needs.

One night watching the Dallas Cowboys game, I saw this commercial and as a fan of the Cowboys it really caught my attention. This commercial was advertising for the Cowboys and for Budweiser. This commercial was a great example of a state of mind segmentation. This advertisement was showing personality traits by the two guys being Houston Texans fans and Dallas Cowboys fans. Their lifestyle is going to a bar and having a beer on game day. They are interested in hanging with their buddies and having a beer. The one guy’s opinion was talking about how great the Texans are. But the other guy jumps in and starts talking about the Dallas Cowboys. He starts naming facts off like how they are a five-time Super Bowl winner and an eighteen-time divisional winner. Then he says right at the end “How Bout Them Cowboys” this is the team slogan. This was clearly advertising Budweiser through the Dallas Cowboys and their fans. If you care just getting into football, I think this would be a great advertisement to get you to start liking that team.

The second advertisement was for the Dallas Cowboys and for the NFL. It has Jason Witten, a Dallas Cowboy player talking about a lot of his records he has set while playing for 13 years. It also shows him in NFL tee-shirts and shorts. This was another great example of state-of-mind segmentation. It shows the little boy interest in the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys. It shows him in Cowboy gear and shows how easy it is for someone to get team gear. It also shows Jason Witten personality traits by showing all of his records and how good of a football player he is. It shows all of the hard work you have to put into the game to be able to wear their team gear. I feel like this advertisement connects with people interested in the NFL and their favorite team. So it communicates very well with their audience and shows them how easy it is to but their gear.

Overall, these two advertisements worked really well by showing off their product and that was the Dallas Cowboys. They also advertised Budweiser in one and the NFL in another. So in just one commercial they advertised two products. Both commercials communicated very well with their product. You can very easily see their target market in each commercial. They did a very good job with connecting with their fans and showing off their product. Doesn’t these two commercial make you want their product?





The Comeback

Every team has that one player who is the face of the organization. For the Chicago Bulls it was Derrick Rose. He was the hero of the city and gave everyone hope that the Bulls can be good again. All of the weight was on his shoulders. The expectation, the hopes, the dreams were put on Derrick Rose. I guess you could say it was just too much for this young player. In 2011 was the first time derrick went down. The season was over, there wasn’t enough talent without him. Another year the fans had to wait for their super star to be back. The expectation was gone the hope was gone in the city of Chicago. Derrick Rose ended up getting hurt the next two seasons in a row. Three years in a row the face of the franchise goes down. Fans started getting upset and giving up on their team. Could you imagine being in his shoes? No one realizes how much time and hard work you have to put into rehab to get back to your normal self.                                                 Image result for derrick rose

I can relate to this because I’ve had to recover from multiple shoulder injuries. This was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life. But I wasn’t a professional basketball player I was just a high school student. He was the face of the franchise, everyone depended on him and he couldn’t deliver. Derrick battled back then had it ripped from him again.

His sponsor was Adidas, he wore their shoes and was the face of their products. They kept with him and continued to sponsor him and believed one day he will make his comeback. Three years in a row he gets badly injured, everyone thought his career was over but Adidas stuck by their man. They made this heart touching commercial showing his comeback to being the player he used to be. No one saw his hard work, the rehab he had to put in and the heart he had to show. The pressure he had to go through, when a lot of the people would have folded. But Derrick said no I’m going to fight to get back and he did. The commercial shows him finally about to walk out on the court again. Could he finally stay healthy? Can he finally take his team all the way? Can he prove all of the haters wrong? All of these questions was about to be answered this season.

The Chicago Bulls did not win the championship but Derrick finally stayed healthy through the whole season. This commercial internal factors were showing all of the fans how hard you have to work to play professionally. It brings you into Derrick hard work and how much was on this man’s shoulders. The external factors of this commercial would be, did this commercial make you want a pair of Adidas shoes? I don’t think that’s what this commercial was about, it was showing someone battle and bring you in to see the hard work Derrick Rose had to go through. The steps fans had to take was very simple in this commercial. You saw the rehab, hard work, and love for the game come into factor. He proved everyone wrong and made his comeback.



Big Olympic Fail


There are many external environmental factors that can negatively affect a sports organization. Some of these include customers, competition, and government. However, for this blog I decided to discuss economy as an external environment and the role Rio de Jainero’s economy played in affecting one of the world’s biggest sports organizations, the Olympics.


The article discusses the negative effects of Rio’s poor economy and how the Olympic conditions were not ideal for the players, their families, and the tourists. Rio was selected in 2009 to host the summer 2014 Olympics and within that time range, Rio faced one of their greatest recessions. Due to this, the conditions were horrific. There is poverty everywhere and when it came time to start building, the workers hired were not that able to get the jobs done let alone get them done correctly. There was total political unrest in the city because the government refused to see how poor the city was and how bad the people were hurting (XOJane). At one point, the government was forcing people in “the favelas” to move out in order to build athletes housing, hotels for fans, and stadiums. They made people move out of their homes and have to leave behind a lot of things. Many of these people has been living in this area for decades and it didn’t go well with the people. This negatively affected the Olympic organization because they have received major backlash. With social media as big as it is it became pretty well known as to how bad the conditions were in Rio. It made a lot of people not want to go.

The conditions of the city were even worse. Parts of the city “look like a war zone” (XOJane). There is a sharp number of police killings and brutality. This causes The article talks about how the “Bay of All Delights”, the bay that was to hold all of the sailing events was actually not nice at all. “The problem is that boats are not going to be skimming across blue, clear, glorious waters, waves cutting gracefully along their bows while paint sparkles in the sun” (XOJane). Instead, the bay is actually just filled with garbage and sewage. This really affected the athletes because with being the best in the world, they were not in the best of the world conditions.

The picture in this blog is a good example of how economy can negatively affect even the biggest sports organizations. This picture surfaced the first night of the Olympics and It was taken during the open ceremony. The Olympic organization lost some respect because many people did not realize how bad off the people of Rio really had it. These are poor kids who have to witness the effects of the Olympics and then once it’s over, their life is just as poverty-stricken as it was before the games. Overall, economy can be a strong negative external factor which was a huge part of the Olympics and why they struggled that year. Another key component to the struggles of the 2014 Olympics was the Zika virus. What kind of an negative external factor would this fall under?

Baseball, Business, and the Great Outdoors

My name is Greg Smith and I go to West Virginia Wesleyan College. I am a Sports Business major there and also a member of the Wesleyan Baseball team. I am starting second baseman for the team and have been playing short stop/second base since I was 3 years old. I am a huge competitor at everything I do so I love playing and watching sports. That’s why I felt like Sport Business was a perfect degree for me. This is my Junior year and I’ve taken two sport classes so far, Sport Management and I’m in Sport Marketing right now. When I’m not playing or watching sports, I’m usually doing something outdoors. I love to fish and hunt. These things help get my mind of the world and lets me do something I love while getting to take a deep breath and relax.

The main reason I chose this degree is because I want to wake up every morning and be excited about work and doing something that I love. Wouldn’t you love to want to go to work and get paid for doing something that you love? The purpose of this blog is I have to write one blog each week on a topic our teacher gives us for this class. So for this blog, I have to tell you about myself, what my goals are and what I want to do with my degree. I’ve read many blogs on my phone through my Dallas Cowboy app. I’m a huge fan of them and follow many of their writers. This app is really one of my strongest interactions with a blog since I read it so often. I never used to think blogs were that important until I found one I loved to read.

My goal is to get my degree in Sports Business and find a good job right after college. My playing days will be over which will be one of the saddest days of my life. So if I can’t play sports anymore I would love to work for one. This way I will still be around the game that I love and enjoy going to work every day. I don’t know exactly what I will do with my degree yet. I would like to work for a sport organization and move my way up the business. When I get my degree, I do not have the exact plan yet, but I am sure that it will be part of the experience. I believe strongly in God’s plans and I trust that I will one day end up exactly where I am supposed to be.

I have an Instagram and Twitter account. My username for Instagram is @gregsmith1414. I started another Instagram account with my good friend for the outdoors. So if you love seeing pictures of deer, fish, and enjoy viewing our beautiful West Virginia outdoors, you can follow @gz_outdoor_extremes. My twitter account is @GregSmith1414. This is where you will see me talk about my Dallas Cowboys a great deal. You can also see the Dallas Cowboys writer on there because I retweet a lot of their tweets.